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An international nanny can provide a rewarding experience for your children. The children can develop a more well-rounded understanding of different cultures and may even learn different languages.

Hiring a skilled international nanny can also provide a more flexible option for your childcare needs, such as care during business trips or vacations. The parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are cared for in the safety of their home, and the nanny’s main objective is the safety and well-being of the children.

Depending on the nanny’s background, skills, and personality, the nanny may become a mentor or positive role model for your children.

Choosing to hire an international nanny is an important decision that affects the emotional, physical, and cognitive development of your children.

Selecting the right person to care for your children is a time-consuming and difficult process. However, the long-term benefits are immeasurable. Our article discusses the hiring of international nannies and the cultural and linguistic benefits they can provide for your children. Additionally, the importance of focusing on the nanny’s professional abilities and character, opposed to their legal working status, will be dissected.

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Regulated & Registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Benefits of hiring a skilled international nanny:

The most advantageous benefit to hiring an international nanny is that they come to you.

Jessamy Staffing client families have the privilege of interviewing candidates and choosing the person who best fits their needs. In most cases, you will find a foreign nanny more energetic and loaded with some amazing abilities to entertain your children.

Studies have shown that children who have been taken care of by a native speaker have learned a foreign language much quicker, and employing a nanny is the best way to push a child to it. Learning and picking up a foreign language is much easier for a child, and language is learned best when it is used frequently and in context; an ideal situation with a foreign nanny. High school or university students offering tutoring services have always been used as an English language resource, but rarely with the effectiveness and results of a foreign nanny. Children cared for by non-English speakers are more motivated to learn a new language, as it becomes a necessity in order to understand and be understood.

When families are seeking child care, either short-term, long-term or for the occasional date night, they will typically look for persons with quality experience who offer a valuable service at a fair price. Oftentimes the ideal child care provider for a family will not reside within a convenient distance. In-home child care has always been seen as the most desirable and convenient way to have a child cared for. Hence our families seek assistance from skilled international nannies.

When seeking care for your children, the bonds of trust become even more significant because parenting is the most precious and protected responsibility that you have. But, considering the service a nanny can provide, it is extremely difficult for you to find a qualified nanny by yourself. It is a time-consuming and often frustrating task, leaving you with a feeling of uncertainty.

Jessamy Staffing Solutions provide comprehensive services and support to families as well as the nannies. Our service lessens your concerns and provides peace of mind by providing personal assistance and support throughout the search and placement process. By ensuring the right match in nannies and families, we give our very best to provide satisfied caregiving relationships. Being busy parents, you will need to meet too many candidates in order to find one, and it does not guarantee their qualification. Save your time to focus on your work and leave the hard work to the professionals.

Finding the Right Nanny:

It is important to establish clear expectations around your nanny’s role and responsibilities. Look at your family’s weekly schedule and determine what you need the nanny to help with. Different nannies have different strengths, and one may be perfect for a certain family and not for another. If you have multiple children, it is important to consider how the nanny will manage the children alone and what level of experience is necessary for the position. Taking care of multiple children is challenging and often requires a very experienced nanny. Write down a list of requirements your nanny must meet. For example, you might require a nanny who speaks a second language or one who is able to help with homework, etc. Whatever your specific needs, it is important to have these clearly outlined to ensure you find the right nanny for the job. Understanding the qualifications and experience necessary. In general, the qualifications required to be a nanny are a first aid certificate, a driver’s licence, and a police check. However, many families have higher expectations than our standard, and it is important to establish what level of experience and skill the nanny must have. You might feel that the nanny should have a degree in childcare or a specific number of years’ experience working with children. Often the rate of pay will reflect the nanny’s qualifications and experience, so it is important to consider your budget when determining the level of experience you need. Often, a higher qualified nanny will require a higher wage, and it is ideal to find a nanny who fits within your budgetary requirements.

Assessing your family’s needs and requirements:

When assessing the needs of your family and what type of nanny you will require, the age of your children is of primary concern. Newborns obviously require a nanny who has a different skill set from a nanny who is caring for school-aged children. The level of experience and the type of qualifications you should look for will depend on the complexity of the role. For example, if there are children with special needs, you may want to consider employing a nanny who has medical training or considerable special needs experience. If your children are at an age where you want them to be involved in extracurricular activities, you may require a nanny who is able to drive. It is important to ascertain whether a prospective nanny is suited to the role you are offering. A young and active nanny who has just completed a degree in education is not likely to be the best fit for a role caring for triplets, despite excellent qualifications. In our case, a more experienced nanny who has worked with multiples would be preferable. Sometimes it may be difficult to make an accurate assessment of your needs and the type of nanny who would best fulfil them. In our case, it may be helpful to consult our nanny advisors who can provide you with guidance and nanny profiles tailored to your situation. By using an international nanny agency like ours – nanny advisors usually will know the nannies personally and can give you an accurate insight into the skills and attributes of a potential candidate.

Understanding the qualifications and experience necessary:

Qualified nannies have undergone extensive training in childcare, child development, health, nutrition, safety and sanitation, and more. They have an exceptional understanding of children and their behavior. Most nannies either have a degree in childcare, child development, psychology, or they have extensive ‘real life’ experience. Nannies will show certificates in various childcare related courses and should have excellent references from their previous employment with children. It is always wise to thoroughly interview a nanny regarding their qualifications and experience. It is important to note that a nanny’s qualifications are reflected in their rate of pay. Overqualified nannies will often require a higher rate of pay, whereas less qualified nannies may accept a lower rate of pay in line with their experience. There are no specific national qualifications for nannies within the UK. However, the majority of our skilled nannies have obtained relevant qualifications and it is possible for nannies to work towards attaining the NNEB, CACHE or NVQ. NNEB stands for National Nursery Examination Board. This qualification is now known as the CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and Education. CACHE is the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education. Completing a CACHE course leads to a more specific career in a childcare setting, however the knowledge and experience is transferable to a nannying career. NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification. A nanny may study NVQs in a range of subjects from play work to care and learning development. Despite there being no mandatory requirement for a nanny to hold one of these qualifications, they are indicative of a higher calibre of professionalism and skill within the childcare industry.

Conducting thorough background checks:

Investing the time and resources to properly investigate a person’s background is crucial when selecting someone to care for your children. At Jessamy Staffing , we go to great lengths to verify the information provided by candidates and to uncover information not disclosed by the candidate. All potential candidates are required to complete an extensive application form. Our form requires educational and work history, an explanation of any gaps in employment, certification and training details, driving history, and information relating to suitability to work with children. Our initial application allows us to see the career pathway of the candidate and confirm that there are no unexplained gaps in employment. A candidate’s consent is also required so that we may perform the necessary background checks.

Nanny Recruitment Process:

Often, it is a tough endeavour trying to identify a potential candidate, especially in a foreign country. With the vast quantities of written information available and unsupervised access to the web, a parent may be left vulnerable to conducting the groundwork on the background of the candidate.

This is something we strongly advise against. The difference between an informed decision and an assumptive one can have very damaging and permanent consequences. We ensure that all candidate information is obtained directly from local but reputable recruitment contacts whom we have well-established relationships with. Jessamy Staffing can provide a wealth of trustworthy info which is not readily available to the general public. It is through our agency that all necessary working visas and permits are arranged on behalf of the candidate.

Step two sees NIP using our information to carefully filter through all candidates based on the predetermined job criteria. Any persons not meeting the NIP job standard will be automatically disqualified. Endangering our reputation is not a risk we are willing to take, and so the selection process is expected to be time-consuming as we will be consistently refining the search in order to find the most suitable nannies available.

Candidates that have been successfully placed through the initial screening will now be subject to a 1-hour face-to-face interview via video conferencing. Throughout the interview, our team will carefully evaluate candidates’ communication skills, their enthusiasm level, personality, and mentality before making an overall attitude. The candidate will also be screened in an academic sense, with all certificates and qualifications being looked at in detail. If the interview is successful, the candidate will then be subject to reference checks by our team.

Partnering with reputable recruitment – Jessamy Staffing Solutions:

Jessamy Staffing sources potential nannies from two primary methods – an exclusive arrangement with reputable Asia-based A4 Employment Agency, and via open advertisements.

A4 is a highly respected, award-winning agency with a unique presence in Singapore and the Indonesian district town of Jember. They are our sole agent of nannies from Jember. Being one of the largest and most well-established Indonesian maid agencies in Singapore, they pride themselves on ethical business practices and dedication to providing a quality service. All A4 maids and nannies undergo training at the A4 training centre on housekeeping and childcare, with a focus on instilling leadership qualities and the ability to work independently. A4 has earned the trust of both Indonesian trainees and Singaporean employers for the transparency, fairness, and reliability in their dealings. We share a genuine passion for creating positive nanny-family matches, and the relationship is built on a shared vision of a brighter future for caregivers abroad, and meaningful child care for families in Singapore. Jessamy Staffing’ partnership with A4 enables us to selectively recruit nannies from the most reliable source of Indonesian caregivers in Singapore, and ensures steady and regulated employment for the Indonesian trainees. A4 nannies are well-versed in English, either through coming from English-speaking education backgrounds in Indonesia, or simply from having worked in English-speaking homes. Many have at least previous nanny experience in Singapore, and/or have cared for children of foreign nationalities in their home country. They range from age thirty to fifty, and have families of their own that are already well provided for, hence their live-out intentions. Our demographic of nannies is very much suited to our target clientele.

Screening and shortlisting potential candidates:

Secondly, the response rate of potential candidates is gauged. The response rate expected for candidates with a suitable amount of availability and the right credentials should be very high.

Usually, if there is a delay of more than 24 hours in response to an email or voicemail, we find that the candidate is not genuinely interested in the job.

The first is experience. We filter through each candidate and pick only those with a minimum of 2 years experience as a full-time nanny or no less than 3 years working with children in a child care setting. If our criteria is met, the next thing that needs to be seen is the candidate’s work history. We are looking for candidates who show stability with one family and have a good reason for leaving their most recent position. Candidates with multiple short-term jobs and no valid reason for leaving their positions are immediately disregarded.

Screening potential candidates is the most important part of the recruitment process. This involves taking candidates from the recruitment agency’s database and short-listing them, ensuring only the best available candidates are contacted. Screening and short-listing candidates involves looking at a number of different candidate credentials.

Interviewing and evaluating nanny candidates:

It is important to remember that during an interview a candidate is likely to be on her best behavior and be responsive with the information that she thinks the employer wants to hear.

Though it may require a great deal of time and effort, it is essential to try and get to know the candidate in various situations and around different people. It may be helpful to try and visit her place of residence, meet her family, or spend time with her in a more casual setting. our will provide a more accurate representation of her personality, lifestyle, and habits than what is obtained in an interview. Watching a candidate interact with your children, either in planned activities or when she is unaware that you are observing, will also provide valuable information to use in evaluating whether she is a good match for your family. 

When interviewing a prospective nanny, we strongly suggest using a prepared series of open-ended questions rather than an informal conversational style. The responses to specific, job-related questions are compared across candidates. Additionally, the same structured interview should be held more than once to ensure that the nanny’s answers are consistent and to give her the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the job and the family. When conducting a phone interview, it is useful to follow the same format although it may be less formal. A face-to-face interview is an essential step in the hiring process and should be conducted only after a phone interview has taken place.

Finalising the hiring process:

After these steps, should you identify the ideal candidate for you, a detailed placement agreement should be confirmed between both parties.

Should our candidate arrive and leave your employ within a 6-month period, a replacement will be provided to you at a substantially reduced fee. Our agreement is to ensure you can feel secure in the knowledge that you won’t be left without the child care assistance that you need. Upon your agreement, The Overseas Nanny will begin the visa application process. Our process can, from time to time, take time but we will keep you informed every step of the way.This being the final stage of the process, the candidate and family will now begin to make preparations that will lead up to the employment commencement date.

Once the youthfully travel-oriented nanny embarks on their journey to the destination of employment, they are often feeling excitement, adventure, and sometimes a little nervousness. It is important that the employer is welcoming upon their arrival in order to ease the nerves and achieve a positive attitude for both parties on the upcoming employment. Remember that we will always be here to be that helping hand for you should there be any reservations about the process or the candidate.

Ensuring a Successful Nanny Placement:

As with any employment situation, issues may arise during the course of the nanny’s employment, and it is important these are resolved quickly and effectively.

We are available to assist both the employer and the nanny in any way necessary and can provide advice and assistance in conflict resolution where needed. We recognise that in some cases it may be necessary to find an alternative placement for the nanny and we will work with all parties involved to achieve the best outcome.

Discussions with the nanny and the employer at the beginning and during the initial stages of employment is extremely beneficial. We encourage both parties to have a trial period, to allow the nanny to settle into the new environment and ensure the job meets expectations. Regular feedback from both the employer and the nanny in these early stages can help to iron out any issues and prevent problems from escalating.

Once the nanny has been selected and employment begins, our role will be ongoing in ensuring the placement is successful. Open communication with the nanny and employer is essential, and we encourage regular contact with both parties to clarify any issues or assist with any changes that may arise.

Establishing clear expectations and guidelines:

The first step in ensuring a successful nanny placement is to define what you expect from a nanny and to communicate these to your agency and the nanny. 

You should be prepared to give clear indications on the role and responsibilities of the nanny, the hours and days you expect to have covered, the pay you are offering, and details on the children and their interests and any particular routines or needs they have. You should also consider what qualifications and experience you expect a nanny to have.

Grasping all of our considerations and putting together a written job description is a very useful exercise and will also assist your agency in matching you with the most suitable candidates. Ensure you are realistic in your expectations in terms of what candidates you are likely to attract with the package you are offering. This will help prevent disappointments later down the line in the placement.

If you want your nanny to perform any household chores, driving or teaching the children any new skills, make sure you outline these clearly as additional responsibilities.

Providing ongoing support and communication:

We know from years of experience that the more communication that takes place between a family and their nanny, the more likely it is that any problems which arise are quickly resolved.

We ask our families to ensure their nannies feel confident in approaching them to discuss any issues or problems. Creating an “open door” environment will promote good communication. We also recommend that families have weekly meetings with their nanny. This is an opportunity to sit down and discuss any problems which may have arisen, and to deal with them before they become bigger problems. In most cases of a placement going wrong, it is due to lack of communication between the family and the nanny, or miscommunication, and any underlying issues have not been addressed.

With guidance and advice, we strongly encourage clients to work closely with their nanny throughout the settling in period. This is a new experience for both the nanny and family and it’s important that everyone is on the same page. It will take time for a nanny to adjust to a new home, new children, a new routine, and new expectations. One of the most common reasons for uncertain placements is that the family has unrealistic expectations on how quickly the nanny should adjust. 
A great way to ensure nannies are meeting the family’s expectations is to set out a 3-month trial period. This is an opportunity to take stock on how the placement is going and to ensure that the nanny is performing to the best of their ability. It is also an opportunity to provide nannies with feedback as to how they are performing.This service ensures that parents are in the best possible position to support their nanny and thus get the best out of their placement.

Monitoring and evaluating nanny performance:

Due to the dedication and confidence we have in our nannies, Jessamy Staffing is proud to have a thorough and established monitoring system to ensure that we always maintain the highest quality of care for the children.

One month after commencement of the nanny’s employment, we complete a Performance Appraisal with both the nanny and the family. This appraisal is then repeated every three months after the initial appraisal until the twelve-month mark, at which the appraisals will then be conducted every six months from that point. The Performance Appraisal requires the nanny and family to complete a detailed questionnaire about their thoughts on the placement thus far.

The management at Jessamy Staffing then evaluates the success of the placement based on these questionnaires. From the feedback we receive, we then have a clear indication of whether or not we are meeting our primary goal of providing the highest quality of care. Any negative/constructive feedback will enable us to implement immediate change to ensure that the quality of care is then improved. If the feedback is positive, it gives us peace of mind knowing that the children are being well cared for and are happy within their environment. Any appraisals reflecting a placement that we believe to either be unsuccessful or not meeting the expectations and quality that we promote, we will take immediate action to replace the nanny at no extra cost to the family. A Jessamy Staffing staff member will then conduct further monitoring of specific placements by making regular contact with the nanny and family.

This will enable immediate action to be taken if any potential issues are arising in order to rectify the situation and maintain a successful placement.

Accreditations, Certifications & Memberships: