A career in community Nursing

Nurses have a tough, but rewarding career ahead of them. There are many different avenues for nurses to go down when they are looking for recruitment drives, and one such role is the one of the community nurse. Community nurses work in their patients’ homes, and they move more between locations than any other type of nurse. Their prominence has grown in the past year, and as more and more patients opt to be treated at home to alleviate the pressure on the NHS hospitals, community nurses are in demand. Community nursing can be a demanding profession, and – as such – we are constantly looking for community nurses, so why should nurses swap their hospital shifts for roles in the community?

The Lifestyle

Community nursing gives ward nurses the chance to get out of the hospital environment and be more fluid in their movements. They have more autonomy with patients face to face, and they can either work in a GP practice or head to their patients’ homes. The other huge benefits is the change in lifestyle. Shifts tend to be shorter, with night shifts practically unheard of. It’s a different way to nurse and expand on your skills, giving you more of a balance as you manage your own time.

New Choices

Community nursing is different from hospital or care home nursing. The scenery changes with every patient and you can move through a variety of patient settings. This adds valuable experience to your CV, giving you better options in the future.

You Give A Lot Back

Nurses are a necessity to our society and those in the community aren’t just helping to keep NHS hospitals running better, they’re the face that patients and their families look forward to seeing. Regularly seeing a patient enables nurses to build a more personal rapport with patients, providing them with more personalised care than they would only otherwise receive from multiple nurses in the hospital. Nurses give back directly to the community in which they belong, and that is an extremely rewarding feeling.